Elantra Coupe ZSM 2013 Manual – Process


And so it begins. Many a late night and tons of caffeine to meet this deadline, the Owner’s manual production was in full effect.

And I couldn’t be more stressed out.



The storytelling was to be that of a book protected inside the Elantra’s glove compartment while the apocalypse happened. I decided to go with an vintage paper style. I researched many old books and samples of parchment including photos of the Dead Sea scrolls to copies of fire damaged movie scripts. Being a painter myself, I understood how to incorporate water damage, flame licks, even toxic spills on each page. I wanted to make the book look like it had gone through some shit but was still intact. Distressed if you will. Finally, we wanted to pay homage to comic book covers we all know and love. Hence, the book would be a “one shot” and have all the emblems we see on any vintage comic book cover.

We didn’t have a ton of assets to work with. Luckily, I was able to reach into my archive of Walking Dead comic books and scan tons of images. We did have a few rules from Skybound. One was to only use the the works of Charlie Adlard and make sure to not invade the The Walking Dead storyline. For example, we couldn’t put Rick or another character in any of the storytelling. For one, it wouldn’t make any sense and, two, it was way cooler to focus on how to survive an apocalypse. The star was to be the Elantra and idea was to emulate your dad’s Haynes car manual with a zombie twist. Need to survive? Here is the car to do that.

You can download the PDF version of the book here.


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