What exactly is this?

This site serves as an extension of  my involvement with The Walking Dead Chop Shop project.


I was the concept creator and art director for this monster campaign. What I will attempt to do is showcase the entire creative process from cradle to the grave. Being a huge scifi nerd myself, it was a dream come true to work on a project so dear to me. Incidentally, I do collect all the comics and have been a die hard comics/scifi movie fan since I was 13. So you can imagine the dedication that went into this.

Now let me insert some legal stuff here.  I, in no way, shape, or form own any of the materials presented. All the work was created as “work for hire”. I use to work for Innocean ( Hyundai’s ad agency) and thus created all of it under contract. Even more so, all the comic book artwork is from Skybound. It’s their art that we used for the campaign. And finally, over twenty people were involved on this project. Without them, none of this could have been done.

This site is an extension of my portfolio and I wanted to share with zombie fans how the project unfolded creatively.  Enjoy the journey.


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