The Chop Shop is born.


Initial rough logo ideas. – circa March 2013

Regie and I started chatting about what would be a cool continuation of our Walking Dead and Hyundai franchise. We both knew it needed to be sincere and different. In social networks, I noticed that fans were coming out of the wood work talking about their ideal zombie survival machine. Many fans took issue with the Elantra ZSM. Some said it was too flimsy or just “unrealistic”. Others talked about a lack of horse power. Fans even went so far to say that they could do better.ZombieresearchSociety_fail

Zombie Survival Society Site – 2012 –

Being a long time comic book nerd, I was accustomed to this kind of  banter that takes place anywhere comics are found. Mind you, nerds make the world go round. With out them and their insane passion for storytelling, you wouldn’t have half the content on TV and film these days. I’ve been a closet nerd for years!

Anyhow, this gave me an idea. What if we made these fans the architects of the next zombie survival machine?

While taking a stroll to our favorite taco place, Chronic Tacos in the OC. I began spinning a tale. What if Hyundai had insight to the upcoming zombie uprising. What if Hyundai using some sort of wormhole technology learns of the undead apocalypse and begins creating vehicle parts to survive. Basically, a call to all survivalists to build the ultimate zombie survival car. It’s one thing to build your own zombified car, but to get fans to build their own would just be epic. Regie seemed to like the idea and needed little convincing on my part to pitch it to our CDs. He felt it was in line with bridging the passion of both Walking Dead and Hyundai enthusiasts.

The Walking Dead Chop Shop idea was born. Now we had to get Skybound and INNOCEAN to agree with the concept.




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