Pitching concepts….killing concepts…repeat.

Regie and I went right to work coming up with different ideas. Also, we have a new writer join up with us by the name of Brian Chin. Brian would eventually help with a lot of the collaborative storytelling. We had several and honed it down to two concepts we felt passionate about. One was based around a nationwide scavenger hunt that would immerse players in a zombie world. Anyone with a smart phone could snap photos of zombie sightings. This would be fed into a database that would show the infection was growing. The idea wasto have numerous wheat pasted images all over San Diego and later the country. These posters could be integrated with a QR code that would give you data. The more data you captured, the better survivalist you would. There would be a leader board that would showcase the top players. This idea, though fun, sucked.

It was pretty involved and looking back…not very good. No matter how many times I pitched it, the campaign was just too much of a stretch. Fans of the books would not get it and car enthusiasts would not care.

Concept killed.



Then there was the idea of creating an 8-Bit video game to speak to 30 somethings. Ya…no…KILLED!



Then we pitched the idea of building your own zombie survival car and pitting them against one another. That struck a chord with my creative directors. Building vehicles ( like a configurator) and pitting them against each other was an interesting idea.

Here was a set of mock ups I did to just exhibit the idea. These were just Googled images I cobbled together.

2012_1218_ChopShop_mobile_0001_01 2012_1218_ChopShop_mobile_0002_01 2013_0109_ChopShop_0001_01






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