When we were vetting CG vendors, the creative brief Scott and I drafted was simple. Build us a zombie survival machine that was put together with after market fitted zombie parts. The car would have parts that were suppose to be there. We weren’t going for a ramshackle, jalopy look. The fault of many zombie franchises is that the survivalist vehicles look thrown together. We wanted something to scream “come get some”. Myself being a big SciFi fan, referenced flicks like Blade Runner, The Road Warrior, Death Race, Vanishing Point, Bullet and, of course,  Mad Max. 

Even more so, lets see our Hyundai’s beaten up and battle torn. The vehicles must look like they had been through unfriendly urban terrain. we didn’t want shiny TRON vehicles. Make ’em gritty and pissed off. The more distressed and tough looking, the better. We had tons of submissions that were incredible. Picking the right vendor was challenging but we finally landed on Big Block in Santa Monica.

The tipping point for us choosing Big Block was their precision to detail and striking just the right balance between a gamified spirit and a distressed design. This was critical for the experience.

I highly recommend them. They were super professional and shared the vision we had for making the Chop Shop happen. I’ll be posting the CG work they did alongside the Skybound sketches on a later date. These guys knew how to transpose Cory Walker’s illustrations to reality.
Check ’em out here:
Read their beautiful write up HERE

The images speak for themselves.













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