The Walking Dead Universe – Expanded!


Now that we had agreed on a final design for the app,  we needed to craft a compelling story that made sense. Frankly, we just had so much to say that the campaign took on a life of it’s own. We wanted to excite Walking Dead fans and, at the same time, build something that speaks pop culture for Hyundai.

So how do we do that? How do you integrate a zombie-centric comic book into a Korean car company’s world without coming off hokey? The solution was always in front of me. This would be the expanded Walking Dead universe.   I was inspired by George Lucas’s Star Wars culture. Lucas made it ok for others to take the initiative and expand upon the original six movies. Though the growth was chaotic at times; with different authors taking stabs at what the universe could look like. The storytelling was compelling . The beauty of the comic book and, for the most part, the show is that we could take liberties as well, provided Kirkman and his team blessed it, that made sense. The real temperature check for us was between both our INNOCEAN team and Skybound. We weren’t looking to change anything, just add an additional immersive layer. With these tenants in place, our teams could easily mastermind an idea where Hyundai saw the apocalypse coming and the only salvation was to build your own zombie survival machine.

The story was shaping up….finally! One thing I stressed with our team was that we must remain true to the Walking Dead brand. This meant creating an arsenal that was realistic. Much to the relief of my scifi brethren, there were no laser beams or photon cannons to adorn your Hyundai. This was the apocalypse and it needed to appear that way. We decided that it’s best to look at real world examples of weaponry. Our team studied military and science fiction movies for inspiration.

At the same time, we wanted to maintain consistency in quality when creating our vehicles. Decals needed to make sense while at the same time they could be funny, sexy or cool. What’s more fun than tricking out your ride with the right colors, decals and arsenal? Nate Manchester (our UX lead), Lawrence Matthews ( Designer & Gun Expert) and I started talking armory and what types of guns, blades and shields we could provide fans.

I’ll be going deeper into the weapons and their back story shortly. In the meantime, check out some of the decals I designed for the cars. These are just snapshots of what was on my desktop lately. I created over 30 different designs. We also had several sets created by people in the department.


Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 2.17.24 PM

snake Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 2.11.30 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 2.17.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 2.17.48 PM

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