The Chop Shop Logo

ch_logoDuring the development of the app, we had started concepting what the logo and name should be. Truth be told, the name “Chop Shop” was a working title we had come up with when we initially pitched the idea.

The name stuck and it just worked on so many levels. When we spoke to Kirkman about it, he agreed. So there wasn’t any real deep dive on what the name of the campaign should be. The name was visceral and evoked many cross genre ideas.

The approach we took with the logo was simple. Let’s give it a guttural distinction. It needed to reflect a post apocalyptic feel while at the same time symbolize Hyundai’s commitment to protecting survivalists. At it’s very core, it had to reflect Hyundai’s high minded ingenuity and, also, that very dark, bone chilling world The Walking Dead illicits.

To me it was always about “flesh and bone”. The idea of chopping up the undead and recycling bone or metal for survivalist purposes was what I kept thinking about. The look for me had to stay in the world of old Grind House movies from the 70s. I always felt they captured great storytelling with just gritty representation. Over the top? Yes. But, I was cool with that.

Here are examples of some of the execution we bounced around the war room.


CS_logos_1 CS_logos_2



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