Hyundai’s Rogue Engineer’s Journal

ChopShop_Book_2While all our design work was going on for the app, Greg Braun, my ECD called me to discuss what else we could do to make the experience “epic”. We talked about the stellar success of the original SDCC 2012 Owner’s Manual. Frankly, we were both shocked at how popular that book had become and, even more so, the fervor of it’s eBay buyers.

Greg stated to me that if we could come up with another idea similar to it, he would support it.

I pretty much had an idea of what I wanted to do but didn’t know if it would fly with Skybound. Initially, I began thinking about a manual detailing our Chop Shop’s arsenal. I imagined having a book full of armor, weapons and other gadgets. There was just so many sharp things you could outfit your car with that it couldn’t go unmentioned. We wanted to let fans in on what they could outfit their ride with!

However, after much thinking, my writing partner and I , Brian Chin, figured it could get tedious. Unless you are a total nerd like us and care about different types of scifi weaponry, the book would get boring really quick. People wanted the heart pounding excitement of trying to stay alive. They wanted action and what it would take to defend against the zombie hordes!

Brian and I discussed it for a while, and we decided that the best action would be to tell a horror story. In other words, let’s follow what Kirkman and team would do. Skybound would help us with the storytelling and we would help craft a book that really spoke to Walking Dead fans.

That concept was dubbed the “rogue engineer’s journal”. Our story was that of a rogue Hyundai engineer documenting his experiences preparing for the undead uprising. It was a horror story. It would keep you up at night. It wasn’t pretty.

In my next post, I will discuss what it took to build the journal and why it made me very depressed.


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