Back at it again…textures are all around us.

Hey guys….thanks for all the emails and responses I have been getting. It’s truly great to see how far the app has gotten. Even more so, the enthusiasm for me to keep posting has been humbling. Anyhow,
thanks so much. And…now for something completely different.

Many people have asked how I created a lot of these textures. Truth is, they are all homegrown. Meaning, I would sometimes go analogue for my textures. For instance, some grunge was create by scrapping the shit out of a sheet of paper on asphalt. Or taking ink stains and xeroxing a copy of a copy of a copy for a dirty overlay in Photoshop.

It was not that difficult to find textures out in the real world. A simple stroll in Hollywood would allow me to snap up many photos with my iPhone. Those photos would be used for various heavy textures.

Here are some pages for you guys to check out. If you haven’t already picked up a book, check eBay. there are a few circulating. If I had some available, I would just put ’em here for you guys to grab.


06_Doom-Whistle-Section 10_Hordeplow-Study 14_50-Caliber-Machine-Gun-Conjecture_alt 17_Spinning-Saw-Blades-Entry 19_FlameThrower-Section















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