Building the Veloster Turbo ZSM – PT. 1

And so with Big Block building the 3D models, Bossa Digital blowing out the app and website….we had to create a real life size Zombie Survival Machine for San Diego Comic-Con 2013. This was no small undertaking. After numerous bids for the project, we landed on G.A.S over in North Hollywood. These guys were masterminds who knew how to bring our devilish ideas to life. We even got a chance to work with Mad Mike from the infamous pimp my ride MTV series.

The day we came in, I had to stand there in front of twenty people and convince them that this was the project of the year. The speech I gave was about creating the ultimate zombie survival machine. The craftsmanship was to look like something out of a movie. These guys all looked like something out of a Sons of Anarchy episode. Goatees, tattoos, slick backed hair…….just the right type to make a killer kustom kulture zombie killing machine. Here are some photos of the build process. Enjoy!

2013-06-27 12.13.12 2013-06-27 12.13.20 Photo Jun 27, 11 29 12 AM

2013-06-27 11.27.22  2013-06-27 12.14.43 Photo Jun 27, 10 49 16 AM Photo Jun 27, 10 49 32 AM Photo Jun 27, 11 29 58 AM Photo Jun 27, 11 30 36 AM


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