How The Apocalypse Came to Hyundai

Around May 2012, I was freelancing at Innocean on a project for Hyundai. I remember sitting in my usual grind and hammering away for a deadline when my producer, Ashley, came in. She asked that I attend a meeting with my writer Regie Miller, , concerning AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Hyundai had placed a Tucson in the TV show and now had a budding partnership with AMC. To help further their relationship, Hyundai was putting a big party together with Future US for San Diego Comic Con 2012. It was called the “Black Carpet Event” ( I ended up designing the poster and invite for this…but more on that later). The event was to be held in conjunction with Future US (their activation company) and Skybound (the publisher of The Walking Dead comics).

We met up in a room full of maybe twenty people from all sides of the relationship. They briefed us on this awesome “quarantine concept” where people who attended the party would be either dubbed infected or not with the zombie virus. Regie and I immediately began talking about The Walking Dead. We started to tell them that in the comics, everyone is infected. This had also just been revealed in the television show. The people in the room were shocked to find we were so studied on the franchise. Regardless, Skybound had approved the concept and felt it the name of fun, it wouldn’t matter. We agreed.

This is where our immersion into The Walking Dead campaign began. It was a complete rush for a fan like myself to help further their Comic-Con 2012 campaign.

After the meeting, we were informed that Future US and Hyundai had built a Zombie Survival Machine out of a Hyundai Elantra. The vehicle was to debut at Comic-Con San Diego 2012. For now, our task was to consult as Hyundai’s eyes and ears.

Little did I know Innocean would ask for more….waaaaaaaaay more.


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