Post Comic-Con 2012 and what’s next.

After Comic-Con 2012, things went a little quiet. The office was abuzz about the Super Bowl. We had tons of freelancers coming it to work on the big pitches. Anyone in advertising knows how insane Super Bowl projects can be. This year was no different. The Walking Dead was now dark for a bit…..but not long.

There was a little banter about doing a zombie based Super Bowl ad. But nothing really came to fruition. To be honest, I was happy to not see The Walking Dead turned into a commercial leg for the Superbowl. As passionate as I was, I felt it needed to be leveraged correctly to speak to fans. Regie, my writer, agreed.

So between projects, I started concepting several new ideas to continue The Walking Dead partnership. I had a few ideas in my head but nothing quite stood out as a home run. Additionally, we were informed that the Hyundai Tucson would again be in the show. This was great news. The running joke we had in the office was how the car remained clean throughout the series ups and downs. These comments encouraged me to come up with something new car related.